26 November 2009

The photographer as subject (aka engagement party photos)

My Fiancee Dave and I just got back from florida, for the extra special engagement party that was thrown by his parents, Steve and Maureen.

One of the things i absolutely dislike about taking photos is my absence in the photos! haha. For the most part, i was "forbidden" to take photos of this momentous occassion because they said that it was OUR PARTY.

Let's just say i cant really get my hands off of my camera.

i think, i really did a good job of being a photographer and a subject at the same time.

That's Cindy, Sharon and Sheri Inspecting my engagement ring:

And Me, toasting with grandma joan. lucky that i have my name on my cup that is facing forward.

Thank you, once again, to the wonderful parental units, Maureen and Steve for throwing this extraordinary party. And Thank you, to Everyone who had come and celebrated with us and have given us wonderful and generous presents!

The rest of the photos are here!