21 February 2010

I heart Notar

thank the lord this love is not unrequited at all! *swoon* (of course, with these photos, HE SHOULD LOVE ME, right Mike?)

I met Mike Notar through my fiancee Dave, after we got engaged, and Dave met him through his friend Ryan. I bet Notar isnt alien to girls swooning to him (nyahahaha) but the first thing that popped into my head was... why am i meeting this hot guy after i get engaged? WHY?!

The day before his show in Canal Room, there was a snowstorm. Thinking that the next day would be a work day, i didnt take my off camera flashes and telephoto lens from my desk drawer. Im really paranoid about carrying equipment around, so i usually either leave it at work or at home.

and then they close the office. GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH. all i did thursday morning was to schlep to huntington, take my flashes and schlep back. total time wasted: 4 hours.

and it gets better! when i got to the venue, i couldnt find my flash diffuser, so i mcgyvered it and put napkins held by a rubber band on it! so i took and took photos. of course, the lighting at canal room was GOOD that i ended up NOT USING MY FLASH MOST OF THE TIME.

and when i got home? inside the backpack i brought to the show was the diffuser!!!!!!!!!!!!

with these photos, who knew all of that happened?

the rest of the photos are HERE.