12 May 2010

Surprise, Surprise!!!

In this month's JCK magazine, I was told by Mayda (the boss' wife) that not only do we have one photo (see previous entry) but TWO!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!

That's MY PHOTO! right above the page number!!! WHOO HOO! i have sent this photo to them a couple of months ago and i didnt think "it made the cut" so i was kinda sad, i really thought my styling of this photo is superb, and im glad that they thought so too.

In any case, JCK magazine has answered my email with regards to the wrong credits. Im just waiting to see that erratum notice in next issue.


07 May 2010

YAY JCK Magazine Editorial!!, Wrong Photo Credit, BOO!!!!

The May 2010 Issue of the JCK Magazine came in the mail today. I was ecstatic. There on the bottom left is a photo that i have taken and submitted to them to be considered for this editorial. (JCK Magazine sends out mass fax messages to manufacturers for inclusion in their editorial. I send one in, almost every time - this is my third inclusion, so far)

Upon closer inspection, I noticed the small caption on the side that says "The Jewelry Book". I didnt give it much thought at first until i realized that they were all photo credits!!! (AAAARRRRGGGHHHH!!!)

I have never put my name for a photo credit for these product photos i submit, because they never really put any names beside the editorial photos - with the cd, i just send a letter that says the photo was taken in-house. What a huge mistake that is.

I have sent an email to the editors of JCK. I am hoping to get the proper credit i deserve.

Or at least a logical explanation.

Still, I got published again, YAY (sadly, i dont sound too credible. Boo!)