18 September 2011

Stream of Consciousness Sunday: Live Blogging Fail

I have been happy with my new phone so far until i put it to the ultimate test: Live Blogging.

Tmobile's Mytouch 4G Slide
Default Camera App
Blogger App

I attended last night's Le Grand Fooding Campfire and I "had the bright idea" of blogging about it at the event.

This is how you miss a wonderful event.
Thank you, Roxwriting for capturing the moment.

1. I missed out on some of the goings-on because i was focused on my blogging.
2. I couldnt type properly and fast enough to write an engaging post.
3. I posted pics that were blurry and my photos have a checkerboard pattern going on top of it. NOT COOL when your blog is a photography blog.
4. I couldn't watermark my pics, or do any SEO while blogging live. 


Personally, I think it is cool to have the ability of live blogging - however, just because it is available we SHOULD DO IT. What's the point of being there when you really are NOT THERE?

Photo by: Roxwriting


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Le Grand Fooding and Musings About Live Blogging

My prior posting of Le Grand Fooding Campfire was a total fail as the photos have that crosshatched pattern overlaid on top of it, and i think some of the photos I have posted are utter failures. While I would like to do it over again, for the integrity of what I did, and also as a product review of apps and phone i wont. 

Before I get into the details of my phone and product review, let us relive the grandeur that is Le Grand Fooding.

After handing them a ticket,
I got carded (blue bracelet)
and I got this strip of tickets
so I can claim my food
and wonderful drinks.

The view from outside. Such a classy garden party.

Upon entering you see the chefs hard at work.
Meet Wylie Dufresne, with his team
making Root Beer Ribs with Cherry-kombu Relish.

oh so pretty.


It is soo good!

So good, it substitutes as a smile.

Jameson Westsides from Milk and Honey.
Jameson Irish Whiskey, Lime Juice, Sugar Syrup and Mint.

Irish Buck from Dutch Kills in the making.
Jameson Irish Whiskey, Lime Juice, Ginger Syrup, Soda Water.


The team of James Murphy (DFA Records) and
Inaki Aizpitarte (Le Chateaubriand, Paris)

Beef and Chive Salad from James Murphy and Inaki Aizpitarte

Sock-it-to-Fried Chicken by Muhsinah (The Golden Girl, DC)
and Dante Gonzales (Dante Fried Chicken, Los Angeles)

Michel Cluizel Chocolate, Roasted Banana,
Salted Caramel (with Maker's Mark)
and Black Currant Ice Cream from Van Leeuwen

Sondre Lerche also performed.

Me and a plate of ribs (again). Big Smiles.

Cheers! I had a Wonderful time.

Le Grand Fooding is a charity event that has ACTION AGAINST HUNGER / ACF-INTERNATIONAL as their beneficiary.

All photos were taken with the Tmobile MyTouch 4G Slide by HTC. All Photos for this post were downloaded to my computer then uploaded on blogger.

My previous post was a live blogging post via the Blogger App on Android. I like the idea of blogging live, but really - i think i missed some of the goings on while I was blogging at the event. I also dont recommend typing lots of coherent sentences on a small phone keyboard - because it is slow. For me, nothing beats writing on a full keyboard. I am not sure if I will blog live again. It takes me away from the live event - and the point of going to an event is to BE THERE, NOT TO BLOG THERE.

I wish this camera took SHARPER photos and the light sensitivity is better. I wonder if this is an app issue - I was using the camera app that originally came with my phone. 

Kudos the entire event planning team of this event. It was well organized, the food and drinks were amazing did not run out before the event ended and the music really set the mood right!!! See you next year!

It is sad to note that there was a big banner by the DJ Booth that said, RIP DJ Mehdi. DJ Mehdi -- a world famous DJ and music producer who's worked with Daft Punk and Chromeo -- has died after reportedly falling off of a roof, a few days before this event happened.

DJ Mehdi, wherever you are, I'm sure it is a party over there.

17 September 2011

Le Grand Fooding Campfire

I'm presently at the Le Grand Fooding Campfire event - and I'm blogging live. I'm testing out my new Tmobile Mytouch 4G

Here are the photos