23 July 2010

Summer Lovin' in the City and in the Hamptons (Magazine)!

I havent been updating this blog, but i do have a VERY VERY good reason why I havent. As you can see, my name is now officially longer.

Dave and I got married on June 1 2010 at Roosevelt Island Lighthouse Park. Being a bride is not only stressful, it is also tiring. In any case, I had fun.

Some of the photos are here. Our wedding slideshow is here.

Thanks to everyone who came, and super thanks to Angie Dykshorn of Angsnaps Photography for our wonderful wedding photos!

In this issue of the Hamptons Magazine, I have more photos than our weekly ad. I love seeing my photos come out in the editorials and the table of contents.

That 8-karat gold ring (yes, that's right, EIGHT karats), has also appeared in the JCK magazine. They also did a small write up for the store, and there are more photos there.

I didnt take the turquoise ring photo - but i sure did take the 24KT Gold Necklace (yup, its pure gold!) with rose cut diamonds.

YAY! it really is the summer of love!