28 June 2011

Decorative Toilet Paper Storage

NYC living means small spaces. We do not have huge pantries, garages (most of us don't even have cars) and we always need to have extra toilet paper in the bathroom.

This really started out because my husband and I would have spats because I always forget to put an extra roll of toilet paper under the sink. I got tired of it so i thought of a solution that DOES NOT COST MONEY. Tada!

You too, can have the same storage! You will never have to worry about running out of toilet paper while doing your business in the bathroom and guests don't need to ask you for a new roll. The best part is, the cost is ZERO DOLLARS. These things are available around your home.

You will need:

Ribbon or String that is available on hand, or something that matches your decor
Skewer, half a chopstick or a pencil - any rigid object that can go through a toilet paper roll and can carry the weight.

Dinner Napkins or Tissue Paper (optional) - The ones that come out of gift wrapping is great! Upcycling is good! The dinner napkins and tissue paper here are excess from our wedding.

First, Secure your skewer/chopstick/pencil at the end of the ribbon with a knot. You may glue it if you wish, but you dont really need to.

The finished product should look like this, without the extra knots if you have one long continuous ribbon. In this case, I used 4 short ribbons so i can have the desired length to hold 6 rolls in one go. Your TP storage, no matter how long or short you want it is now done.


Thread the ribbon through the cardboard roll.

Make sure your skewer/chopstick/pencil is in a horizontal position and will keep your TP on the holder. 

Find an empty hook and hang! Voila!

Optional: Wrapping your TP with decorative paper

Lay your toilet paper on the middle of the dinner napkin

Gather both edges to the center and tuck excess into the cardboard tube. Don't worry if it is not covering it all around. Just turn it towards the back. It also allows guests to see what is behind the colorful paper in the bathroom.

Make sure you dont cover the hole completely. You need the holder to go through in it.

If you have a whole piece of Tissue Paper, divide it lengthwise into three.

Hold it in a way that the two edges meet.

Fold it over and tuck into the cardboard tube.

When it is all done, thread your holder through. YAY!

And of course, hang!

You have two ways of taking the toilet paper out.
1. Push all of them upward and thread your skewer/chopstick/pencil to take one out.
2. Take the whole thing off the hook and take the topmost roll.

The best part about this is that you can change the decorative paper to match the party you are having, the current season or just your mood. 


  1. you are too cute :) emily

  2. Hello Martha! More of this please. Hmmm.. Let me know if you want me to submit this to ReadyMade or Martha Stewart or Real Simple...

  3. OMG, this is a fantistic ideat! Bravo!

  4. Great idea!!I have the tiniest bathroom, with just a toilet- the sink, shower and sink is outside the toilet room - strange s FL bathrooms:??? so we have no tp storage inear the toilet:/, now to find a private way to store feiminine things...I'm searching>)

  5. I was searching around and found your blog via someone else's post on Pinterest. Oldie but Goodie! I'm doing this today! No more trying to convince a 2 year old to grab me some tp while I'm seated on the throne! Lol