Photo Gear

What I Shoot With:
Buttercup, My dSLR Camera -- Canon EOS 40D
Kit lens, macro lens, normal lens and lightest lens. They are the cheapest ones that Canon makes.

What I carry and protect my photography gear with:
Tenba Messenger Wrap – My cameras go in this nice padded hanky with Velcro at each end and I just shove them into a backpack.
LeSportsac Yoga Mat Bag – because my tripods and lightstands fit in it and they are cute.

Other Things I use for Photography:
Lightstands and an Umbrella

Post Processing:
Mac… is the name of my Toshiba Laptop.
I can use a Mac, I just don’t own one… YET.
Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop.

Adoramapix. Upload online, pickup in store.
Epson Artisan 800 – only if I absolutely have to. It is cheaper to print with adorama, I think.

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