30 July 2012

Airline Food: Delta Airlines (NY to Rome)

Once upon a time, I loved flying. That was before I had to take my shoes off, get a patdown and buy my own snacks. 

I still love travelling, I just hate going through airport security and making sure I have a "cheeseburger insurance" in my purse. (I always fly with a cheeseburger or some heavy sandwich with me when I fly domestic.)

This time around, I had actual meals!

Salad, Bread, Crackers, Cheese, Chicken with Rice and White Wine!

Chicken and Rice, up close
This was very flavorful, and props for the chicken for not being rubbery.
Sauce is a bit on the sour side and the rice was also good.

I also love that my blondie is by this company called
Love and Quiches!
By sheer stroke of luck, my seatmate found out that the couple ahead of us were upgraded and she asked for their seat (thank you, Doriane!) and we ended up in this section...


Somehow, it wasn't as lucky as you would think it is as devil child was sitting behind us and kept screaming to the top of her lungs and kicking both our seats. I seriously wanted to unleash my inner tiger mother on that child but I stopped myself. Instead I went for the next best thing. I went to the galley and asked for more wine. If you are under 21, and you fly Delta - you still CAN'T drink on the plane because you are technically on US soil, so the age rule applies. Yes, the flight attendant asked me if I was over 21. (victory!)

The wine helped a tiny bit as the sleep i got was little to none with the stupid kicking. Im not sure if im happy to get all that legroom... but all bad things must come to an end with sunrise over the clouds and breakfast!

Coffee, Egg Muffin, Banana and OJ.

Egg muffin up close. It really held up to the bad reputation of
airline food. LOL

They say it's not the journey but the destination. With a devil child kicking your seat? It's about the destination. With the free wine to soothe you? It's the journey.

In any case - Hello, Rome!