09 September 2012

Meatopia 2012 Survivor Tips

Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers eaters from the swift (and joyful) completion of their appointed rounds...

Meatopia 2012 was met with tornado warnings and scattered rainshowers - like the mailmen of yore, these happy meatopians survived the crazy weather paired with amazing cocktails and delicious food. Food Porn and Chef Pics of Meatopia 2012 is here.

1. Be prepared with your OTC medication of choice.

Queens-based food writer and food tour guide Joe DiStefano and his
digestion aid of choice.

2. Pack a raincoat (and rainpants).

That's my friend Albert in the yellow suit.

3. Carry a fashionable umbrella.

I want this umbrella!

An umbrella so yellow, it's like sunshine.

4. Cuddle in the rain, under your fashionable umbrella.

MTA subway lines umbrella, represent!

4. Patiently wait for your turn, rain or shine.

5. If you dont have an umbrella, just run for cover...

6. ... and join the party!

7. Dancing on picnic tables under a picnic umbrella is good too!

8. And take silly photos!

Welcome! (Photo Credit: Desmond Chow)

Meat love. aaaaahhhhh. (Photo Credit: Desmond Chow)

Nice to Meat you, piggy piggy. (Photo Credit: Desmond Chow)

Thank you, Josh Ozersky.


Take a tour of Queens with Joe Distefano here: https://www.facebook.com/worldsfare
Where Roxwriting Fries: http://spamisbetterfried.blogspot.com

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