07 May 2010

YAY JCK Magazine Editorial!!, Wrong Photo Credit, BOO!!!!

The May 2010 Issue of the JCK Magazine came in the mail today. I was ecstatic. There on the bottom left is a photo that i have taken and submitted to them to be considered for this editorial. (JCK Magazine sends out mass fax messages to manufacturers for inclusion in their editorial. I send one in, almost every time - this is my third inclusion, so far)

Upon closer inspection, I noticed the small caption on the side that says "The Jewelry Book". I didnt give it much thought at first until i realized that they were all photo credits!!! (AAAARRRRGGGHHHH!!!)

I have never put my name for a photo credit for these product photos i submit, because they never really put any names beside the editorial photos - with the cd, i just send a letter that says the photo was taken in-house. What a huge mistake that is.

I have sent an email to the editors of JCK. I am hoping to get the proper credit i deserve.

Or at least a logical explanation.

Still, I got published again, YAY (sadly, i dont sound too credible. Boo!)

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