22 July 2011

Medical Packaging with Braille (and Bike Safety)

I had a bike crash last weekend and i have this big, ugly gash on my knee. When I showed my boss, he had promised to give me an antibiotic skin cream from Turkey.

I wonder when this will be implemented in the US?

If you havent noticed, this packaging has Braille on it! I can't read it, but I surely am glad that this caters to the handicapped in Turkey. (I wonder if it is in Turkish?)

ps. I've also noticed Braille on wine bottle labels from France.
Public Service Announcement

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WEAR A BIKE HELMET!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wiped out in Prospect Park and lucky enough i got the free helmet that same day THANK YOU NYC DOT FOR MY FREE HELMET! I cannot thank this helmet enough for saving me.

Greatest thanks to Rich, Rachel, Derrick, Wing and Wen for being there and taking care of me after the wipeout.

Bike Safe!

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