07 November 2011

The Tasting Menu at Hearth

I must have passed by Hearth a bazillion times walking around the East Village but not paying much attention. I have not heard anything about them (but my husband and his friend Ryan has) and I was mighty pleased to be taken here. After all, my class ended at 9pm that day and I was dead tired and somewhat ravenous.

Hearth's Coaster. So cute and so true.

The restaurant is cozy yet unpretentious and the space is quite palatial considering its location. Upon seating, we were handed our menu. I skimmed the menu without understanding anything (forgive me, my day started at 730am that same day) and found my favorite item listed: Tasting Menu $76.

Amuse Bouche
Bean Soup with Citrus Oil

Arugula and Fennel Salad
White Anchovies, Breadcrumbs, Pickled Cipollini Onion

Smoked Spanish Mackerel
Pine Nuts, Radicchio, Golden Raisin

Cauliflower, Black Cabbage, Pecorino, Soffrito, Bread Crumbs

Manila Clams, Cockles, Mussels, Stone Bass, Head-On Prawns

Roasted Hampshire Pork Chop
Swiss Chard Gnudi, Bacon, Baby Bulb Onion

Concord Grape Sorbet, Lemon Tuile and Yogurt Sorbet

Apple Cider Doughnuts
Apple Compote, Maple Cream

It is quite a rarity to have this much fish and seafood in a tasting menu and I love it! Serving anchovies and head-on shrimp is quite brave, considering that the general American population is averse to peeling their own shrimp and anchovies have a bad reputation. (Truth be told, I ate all the shrimp heads on the table and I enjoyed every bit of it. Mmmm!)

Thank you, Marco Canora, for a very wonderful meal.

*These photos were taken on November 3 2011, the day that i ate and paid for this meal.

403 East 12th St
New York NY 10009

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