27 May 2012

Keeping at It

Say hello to my American Education!

I have to say, I am overwhelmed. My inner nerd-overachiever is on hyperdrive. I go to work, I go to school (I still do for some fun courses plus I'm in the process of applying to an MBA program) and I have a full on social life whenever the homework takes a back seat. Oh, yeah. I'm also married.

In this economy, there is a bunch of naysayers to higher education. I dont blame them - going to a private school is not cheap. Im so glad that FIT is part of the State University of New York (FYI. I paid $2500/semester in-state tuition.)

So what overwhelms me? Everything. The never ending job applications that I fill out on the listings I see on the internet, getting my portfolio together, GRE test prep, grad school applications, next semester... it has come to a point that I dont plan anything far in advance because there's. just. too. much. to. do.

I'm not complaining. Just trying to inspire anyone who reads this that IT CAN BE DONE.

See? I graduated with the highest honors. It can be done!


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  1. Putting one foot in front of the other and taking small steps all the time. However, you've got big steps going on. Best of luck with all the exciting things in your future. Big vote here for higher education. Over from SOCS.

    1. Thank you for your well wising!!!! Right now, its frustrating. Just waiting for that switch to flip to exciting.

  2. Congrats and good luck with all you are trying to do!

  3. CONGRATS!!!! You almost won the award for longest name in the program! One thing I love about you is YOU LIVE LIFE.

    1. Thank you! haha. My name is only long for American standards. I have a standard name length back home, and everyone i know who didnt get a second name have an issue. It's not the middle name because everyone automatically gets one - your mother's maiden name. I had to fight with the DMV to get all of those names appear on my ID. LOL

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