05 June 2011

Stream of Consciousness Sunday: Welcome Home to Indonesian Home Cooking!

I just got back from a week-long celebration of my first wedding anniversary (My Wedding Details are here.) Being in Florida, I gorged on fast food heaven- Dennys, Waffle House, Golden Corral, Costco (and I LOVED EVERY BITE OF IT). Note to you: Bacon Pancakes from the Denny's Baconalia Menu is AWESOME. I wish they build a Dennys in NYC.

The Awesome Bacon COOKED INSIDE my pancake at Denny's
I was insanely jealous of my cousin's apartment (1 br with a laundry room and pool, wall to wall carpeting for $700) and i was almost convinced that I should move to her apartment complex. Of course, I was in Florida and the weather is insanely wonderful all year round, compared to the temperamental NYC weather.

Before we left, I told my dear husband that we were going to a Jazzy Brunch but he ate a whole Cubano sandwich on the plane that when we landed he was not hungry. I told my friends that I was hungry and they asked me if I wanted to go to the Indonesian Food Bazaar at the Masjid Al Hikmah.

We checked out the stands and here are our food sightings before buying anything.

We didnt know exactly what we were buying. Everything looked familiar to me, so we just bought the stuff that really tickled our fancy. Here's what we bought and enjoyed!

Bakso Cahngawi - this is very similar to Pho

Chili chicken, Spicy Beef with Coconut Milk, veggies and white rice

This is what is inside that frying thing.
Hard Boiled egg inside a shrimp cake tasting like dough
with some noodles and dipping sauce.

Fried snacks, spring rolls and Steamed Sticky rice treats
All very good. very similar to Fiipino lumpia, okoy and suman. 
I must admit, I love their okoy version better.

Sate beef with Lontong
Lontong is white rice cake.
They can BBQ beef so well! To me this was the winning 5 buck meal!

I really love going away for vacations, to me nothing says welcome home than the kind of food NYC has to offer. There really is something about to coming home to someone else's home cooking!

All these were taken at last sunday's Masjid Al Hikmah's Indonesian Food Bazaar. You can find more photos about this event at Serious Eats.

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  1. I love Indonesian bbq! I'm going to plan an Indonesian dinner in July. Hope you can make it!

  2. Oh, you're still a honeymooner!! I love it! And I also love that you unapologetically eat crap food. Next time I'm in NYC, we're going to eat our way through that town.

  3. You are on. Gimme a wishlist and I can make your dreams come true!