18 September 2011

Stream of Consciousness Sunday: Live Blogging Fail

I have been happy with my new phone so far until i put it to the ultimate test: Live Blogging.

Tmobile's Mytouch 4G Slide
Default Camera App
Blogger App

I attended last night's Le Grand Fooding Campfire and I "had the bright idea" of blogging about it at the event.

This is how you miss a wonderful event.
Thank you, Roxwriting for capturing the moment.

1. I missed out on some of the goings-on because i was focused on my blogging.
2. I couldnt type properly and fast enough to write an engaging post.
3. I posted pics that were blurry and my photos have a checkerboard pattern going on top of it. NOT COOL when your blog is a photography blog.
4. I couldn't watermark my pics, or do any SEO while blogging live. 


Personally, I think it is cool to have the ability of live blogging - however, just because it is available we SHOULD DO IT. What's the point of being there when you really are NOT THERE?

Photo by: Roxwriting


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  1. When I'm at events, I like to enjoy the moment. I'll start out tweeting and do a few pics and by the end of the night, all technology has been put away. And the next day, I'm like "where are all my pictures to show I was even there?" But the good news is that I had a good time.

    If I EVER had a desire to attempt liveblogging, it would only be at a session where I'm sitting at a table with my laptop listening to someone talk.

  2. It's just the first attempt iha, don't give up. If all else fails, just record a video after you've had fun like a recap. That works too! :-)

  3. I've never done live blogging although I have Wordpress and Blogger on my phone. What I do with them is when I take pics i want to post later, i upload them and save as a draft. Then when i get home, i can do the post on my desktop with the pic already there. I also create new posts when inspiration strikes, but not do full posts. I'll just maybe write the title and a few notes on the text area and then save as draft again. That way, I don't miss out on what's really happening around me!