30 December 2011

The year 2011 in review

Hey 2012, I cant wait for you!

Last year, I interviewed myself and said that 2011 is going to be good. Well, I didn’t get everything I wanted – but I got other things in return (silver lining!). I didn’t get into the Communication Design program (but I got waitlisted in but ran out of slots) and got into Advertising and Marketing Communications program instead.

Going back to school is quite a success, and I am now going for my last semester of getting my Associate’s Degree from the Fashion Institute of Technology. (Yes, it is my second academic degree.)

Life in the homefront is sweet. We moved out of crazy landlady apartment into a sweet elevator building with a view. Dave and I call it the grown-up apartment. Let’s just say my housekeeping skills are not very grown up.
We went to Hogwarts!
2011 is the year celebrated our first year of marriage. YAY!!!

Speaking of marriages, The Dave and Stella Matchmaking Company just married its first successful customers! Congrats Grishan and Mike!
Satisfied customers of the Dave & Stella Matchmaking Co.
Going back to my first post for this year, I am glad to say that 2011 was indeed a good year. My projects and then some came to fruition, my current friendships are strengthened and I look forward to meeting more wonderful and awesome company.

2012, I am certain that you will be as good as 2011.

What I have been thankful for the past 365 days.

Thanksgiving 2011
·      The amazing people. I cannot stress this enough. I am thankful to be blessed with amazing family and friends.
·      The food. The wonderful food. (just go through my blog. i have been eating!)
·      The wonderful trips out of town. Florida, Los Angeles, Philadelphia.

These are what I hope to achieve in 2012.

·      Visit a European Country.
·      Go on a cruise.
·      Graduate with honors. (Oh yeah!)
·      Take Dave to watch “The Price is Right”
·      Learn how to drive.
·      Keep looking at the silver lining, or waiting for it if i cant see it.

I wish you all the greatest and bestest and most fantastic things for 2012. What do you wish to do?

To everyone who has made my 2011 a wonderful one, THANK YOU!

Wishing everyone a wonderful, healthy and fantastic 2012!


  1. Meeting you was one of the highlights of my year. So glad to call you a friend!

  2. Thanks Helena!

    Fadra, I agree! Meeting you is also one of the highlights of my year! I look forward to seeing you again! (and I will line up the eating activities for you!)