26 December 2011

Woks and Lox Event Photos (Part 2of 2 - Nosh Party)

The Woks and Lox Nosh Party followed immediately after the Dinner was over. There was a lot of holiday cheer and of course - Noshing!

This event is 3 posts long. Please click these links for the other photos:


Our youngest nosher!

Gifts for everyone!

Latke with Applesauce

Thumbs up for the Wonton Pierogies

Congratulations to the Winners of the Woks and Lox Chinese Auction!!!

The winning ticket!

Pizza Tours + Lactaid Pills. WINNING!
How to win a Tour with Jack Eichenbaum

Tour winner with Jack Eichenbaum

A Bar Mitzvah Chalice prize

Hail the Right Brain Cardholders winner with its creator,
Veronica Chan

Tea and Chopsticks schwag for everyone!

Woks and Lox 
Veronica Chan of Worldtotable.com 
Jeff Orlick of Iwantmorefood.com
Chichi Wang of SeriousEats.com (click link for recipes)
40-17 Broadway, Astoria NY

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