29 January 2012

SOCSunday: My Funny Valentine

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I was running errands at Target and I ran into the seasonal section - VALENTINES! All pink, red and a lot of heart shaped things, I couldn't resist. $5 for 5 heart shaped boxes of chocolates with messages? Why not? Maybe I could get away with a box of chocolate hearts for my Bunny Valentine (husband.)

Here are my finds - and possibly some suggestions for that special someone in your life!

I think this is a "nice way" of saying "im breaking up with you"
on valentine's day...

High Maintenance Valentine.

Affirmation or Denial? You pick.

For the "HIGH PERFORMANCE" Cassanova -
This reminds me of cheaters!!!

This one's for my hubby - because this looks like the spastic body
movements that i pass off as dancing to annoy him while he watches TV.

Is the world really this jaded? HAH! I salute the creative director who gave a go signal on this dramatic line of products. Clearly I was alternating between laughter and shaking my head in disbelief, and back to laughing again at Target.

Happy Valentine's Day! (in advance)


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  1. Me too. If someone tells you they're high maintenance, you might want to give them the Peace Out. Who wants to do all that work?

    1. LOL! true. or you can give the "boys cant afford me" to your single friends as a joke. I know i bought it just for that purpose. LOL

  2. Great finds! I like the Peace Out one since I'm all into peace signs and funky colors!

  3. That was entertaining. Both the boxes and your commentary. The "I Love Being Single" box seems like you said, like someone is trying to convince themselves. I think that was bad English I just wrote there.

    If you really like being single, then just go buy a Hershey bar and stay away from the Valentine's aisle.

  4. Yeah, I love the one that says I love being single. (and I mean it) I'm glad you posted these, and yes, they are a great idea. Can't wait to get to Target.


  5. This was hysterical. I feel as if your commentary is exactly what would have been going through my head. Thanks for sharing, I'll have to go pick a few up!

  6. I have totally avoided that section at Target on purpose, but look at all the humor I'm missing out on apparently : )