12 August 2012

Stefan Sagmeister: The Happy Show

I've been a big fan of Stefan Sagmeister since the early 2000's - right after I read his book Sagmeister:Made You Look.

The Happy Show at the Institute of Contemporary Art, University of Pennsylvania goes into the mind of Sagmeister - his thought process and his design. At the exhibit, I mostly found myself laughing in agreement at the things he said. His work constantly inspires me both in my design sense and to just put out good work.

I wish i had $2500 to pledge to his (fully funded) kickstarter campaign. I presume that it would be an interesting lunch.

Notice that you have to drop your quarters one at a time.

I posed in it for scale.

My symbols of happiness.
Beard Bunny is a representation of my husband/marriage.

Check out the reflection!

I didnt do it. But i was tempted to sing
"Call Me Maybe"

You stick your head in here, and smile.

The Sculpture says "Step Up To It"
When you smile to the camera, the colors change into this.
Why you should step up to it... 

I rode this bike. And I kept biking
until this message flashed.

I'd say this applies to people who work in kitchens as well.

I wonder why it is all gone? ;)
Why the lion has no balls. 
I am hoping that the Negativity Blaster
is at its experimental stage already.

Maslow's hierarchy of needs. 

I put 50cents into 9. No gum for me.

The exhibit continues into the bathroom

I can only wonder what the men's bathroom said. 
Your 25 cent donation goes here.
Did everyone who come in donate?
How many people donated?
How much was collected?
How many cups of coffee was bought?

Some of the videos at the exhibit can be found at these links:

More videos here: Stefan Sagmeister on TED

Stefan Sagmeister: The Happy Show
April 4 - Aug 12 2012
118 S 36th Street
Philadelphia PA


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