16 September 2009

The Emergency Photographer?!

last sunday, i woke up 45 minutes past noon, fully intending to spend the day in my pajamas. checking on my email, dave texts me to record the giants game (a mind numbing feat! i didnt know four games happen in one day) and there was a voicemail from tet, sent to my mailbox at like 1115 am.

i need headshots, can you take them?

i call her back and she explains to me that her godson Matthew (angela's son) needs a full body photo and a headshot to audition for a part for the disney channel. they need it on saturday.

i agreed since i never really photographed kids and headshots - and eventually had to make compcards too.

shoot, post process and final artwork. all done in about six hours, with kanye west stealing taylor swift's thunder in the background.

i must say that working with kids is fun and quite challenging. for me, it was sheer luck that matthew was extremely interested in doing this. showing headshots of his crush certainly did the trick for him.

the bad part is, after we saw other children's compcards, we realize that he should have been dressed in different outfits. im sure matt wont mind doing it again!

good luck matt!

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