13 September 2009

Superheroes and Villains UNITE!

William of Nazareth turned 30 as the superhero Birthday Boy. The invite said that we could be any superhero we wanted to be - and for the most part, i dont really like buying expensive run of the mill wonderwoman costume, so i opted to come as the Cupcake Crusader!
Coming to costume parties is always interesting to me since i never really got to ornate costume parties until i was much older. In the Philippines, the 31st of October is the day we honor our dearly departed by visiting their grave. It is, by no means spooky since the whole nation participates in this and the cemeteries become an overcrowded picnic area.

of course, coming to the party wearing my superhero costume was more uncomfy as i dealt with the stares of the people in the subway and the french tourist who kept pointing to my loud purple leggings. but whatever.

One thing i learned in this whole party was to ALWAYS CARRY MY OFF CAMERA FLASH. the on camera flash on my camera just wasnt powerful enough or didnt fire right away. that, and thinking that a 1.8lens is at its widest opening is enough to capture moving subjects in low light situations. in any case, im happy i snapped some pretty cool photos.


the party was a complete success. the rest of the photos are here.

i even won best original superhero costume! yay!

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