11 September 2009

thank you -

I got back into photography almost by accident.

My friends here in new york city are mostly artists - they practice their art in a variety of media. Paper, Modelling Clay, Paint on canvas, Video, even found objects. For the most part, i was a spectator. Happy to document anything that was out of the ordinary, or ordinary or just plain cute. I was mostly happy to document a bunch of people who just refuse to act grown up. (that is a good thing.)

on the other hand, living here in new york almost always means having to conform to the blatant consumerism that abounds. there's the want of sporting a purse that could well be easily a month's rent, or two. for me, there is a strange want to own a nifty canvas purse with leather trim bearing the initials LV.

i was mulling over getting one of those arm candies for my 29th birthday "happy birthday to me" present. after all, i deserve it. the funny thing was - it wasnt really my lifestyle to carry one. Im always in sneakers and it just wont work. that, and i cant make myself depart with that much moolah for something that will eventually get old in my eyes. im one of those odd girls who have more fun shopping at home depot and b&h photo and video than sephora or macys.

as i was mulling over, i remember what one of my friends said to me during one of those drunken sprees -

"im always broke because i spend my money on electronics. electronics give me the ability to produce"

for that birthday, i got myself a canon eos 40d. its been a great relationship between me and buttercup ever since.

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