27 January 2010

Maggie and Dieter's Wedding a.k.a. Mind your manners

third time's a charm, they say.

Maggie and Dieter's Wedding is the third wedding that i have taken since i started - Fourth, to be honest, but the ultra first one was Joe and Christine's. Never got around to posting those because i didnt know how to use my camera when i took those. i did give them a nice wedding present.

Maggie, is a photographer. Admittedly, i havent seen her work, but still. She will know what a good photo is when she sees one.

She asked me to come at her friend's apartment, Barbara, so i can take photos of her when she gets ready. I got there earlier than she did, so i took photos of her shoes and her other wedding paraphernalia.

among all the weddings ive attended here in the united states, this was the first one that had a church ceremony inside the church. when maggie emailed me all the "photography requirements" for grace church, which was more restrictive, i bailed on photographing while the ceremony was going on. of course, i couldnt refrain myself from taking photos so i took these.

and wished so hard for a very good telephoto lens when it took what felt like forever for the best man to give the bride and the groom the rings.

one of the most important lessons i have learned from taking wedding photos - is to always interact with guests. this is me practising what i preach... (and have had my camera doused with screwdrivers while i was at it)

and the effects, to me are just wonderful!


the strangest experience i got while photographing this wedding was when the "official" photographer told me off. he said that "i was making it hard for him to do his job". well, mr. photographer, that's not nice. so unprofessional. and he definitely made me feel so bad - but whatever. i didnt say anything to him, and the bride's sister heard him and soon told his husband - to which he started imitating him.

thank you, for setting the bad example that i shouldnt be following.

going back to the good stuff... 

dieter sang to maggie - and it was the sweetest thing. aaaaaw.


to maggie and dieter (and gypsy and sebastian), thank you.

the rest of the photos are here.

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