16 January 2010

a photo a day x 365

Some Flickr users have a 365 project. This project consists of taking one photo a day for the entire year. I heard about this last year, but when i did it was probably too late to start it.

that, and i have this extreme laziness to download images from my camera.

Shanna, one of my photography buddies told me she was going to do the 365 project around new year's day and since this year is my "transitional year" going from singlehood to being a missus, i decided about doing the same project for this year.

The thing about Shanna's 365, and some others - they do it also to learn new techniques and to explore the craft. As i have mentioned, i have the extreme laziness, so i decided to take photos as they are, unedited, uploaded straight from my cameraphone (unless its really too dark) and is captioned with my current stream of consciousness of the day.

this is photo #1, taken on new years eve/day.

i am liking my project so far, thanks to my android phone.

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