21 January 2010

shooting is eating

"oh look she's taking a photo of the food!!" (thats not my hand, btw)

I have heard of this comment one too many times. For the most part, id say half of the people in this world think its just weird to take photos of your food before you eat it. I, for the reason of documentation take food pics and also because food is a pretty subject.

I have, without even looking for it, found a group of people who eat for learning about new cuisine. i stumbled upon Jeff through yelp.com and he invited me to a food ambassadors group, to which i quickly presented to ambassador Filipino food. I popped my food ambassador's cherry at M&T Restaurant in Flushing, Queens.

The food was good, and it had none of that heavy greasy feeling after you eat from "americanized" chinese food. i highly recommend the place. (but this is not a food blog.)

In any case, i had to do some extreme multitasking acrobatics by doing all of these at the same time:

a. meet new people
b. drink beer
c. taste new food
d. listen to a food ambassador explain what we were gonna eat
e. eat with chopsticks (its easy, but gets complicated when you are balancing a camera on your lap)
f. take photos

another stupid stunt i pulled out was to take the macro lens instead of my other lens which i dont know the name of. my photos have the smallest DOF, i cannot focus well because my macro lens is light hungrier than the rest of my lenses, and i was trying my bestest to not look too weird to a bunch of people that i am meeting for the first time.

thank god i decided against bringing a flash. that would have been too much to deal with. everyone would also probably think im weird, annoying and a showoff.

the rest of the photos are here . (hopefully i get descriptions soon)

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