01 February 2011

My “Identity Crisis”

Changing your name after marriage is challenging. I asked my husband if he was fine with me retaining my maiden name and initially he was fine with it. When I asked him again before we applied for a marriage license he said “he will eventually come into terms with it.”

Back in the Philippines, a hyphenated last name is interchangeable with your husband’s last name. Here in the United States, they are two different names. If I hyphenate, I will not have the same last name as my husband and my children, and I think that’s just a mess. There are too many issues with regards to picking a name that I held off making a logo for myself because I was “transitioning my brand.”

Black, White and Gray were the colors I have chosen for my palette because they are classic and very versatile. I can place my logo on the lower left hand of my photos and still have it look good and visible. I could even use the borders of my logo to frame my images.

I can print all of my materials from my computer without wasting too much ink and should I have it produced it will be a single color process. If they need to be photocopied, the materials will copy quite well.

My business cards are printed on photo paper because it conveyed photography more than any other card stock in the market and it had a nice sheen to it. Most of all, my business card does not look like I printed it off my inkjet printer. 

Remember those long plastic sleeves that used to hold wallet sized photos? Back in the day when we didn’t store photos digitally? Yup. That was the inspiration for my mini portfolio/brochure. Folded, it looks like a business card.


  1. Loved your brochure! It looks very neat and chic!


  2. The mini portfolio/brochure is very impressive and packs in a lot of information in such a tiny space!