24 February 2011

Bangles!!! Lots and Lots of Bangles!

Spring is fast approaching and we can finally bare our arms and adorn them chiming bangles! These are the latest jewelry photos that I had taken for Zachary’s Fine Jewelry in Huntington, NY. Also, I have done a lot of photography for print advertising for them last year - most of which appeared in Hamptons Magazine and other local papers. 

There is not much magic to these bangles except a bit of Photoshop cleanup – to achieve the pristine white background and to remove my “rigging.” I had put some tape to keep them stacked.The first photo held up on its own, stacked nicely. The one above needed to be propped. Personally, I do not like the jewelry to be overshadowed by Photoshop effects. The pieces are already beautiful, shiny and sparkly by themselves.

These baubles are real. Made with Oxidized Silver, 24KT gold and adorned with precious and semi precious stones. They will ship them anywhere. Email them at zacharysfinejewelry@yahoo.com

Yes you want them. Or maybe you can get them for your significant other.

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