22 May 2011

My Winning Grilled Cheese Sandwich at The Queens Kickshaw

I am not a very lucky contest or raffle winner. As far as I can remember, the “grandest prize” I have ever won was an electric fan at an office raffle. There were only 10 names to be drawn out of a hat.

The Round 10 of Joe DiStefano’s Name That Food Contest proved to be my winning entry! “A Fabulous Culinary Surprise” was the description of the prize. I didn’t care what it was going to be, all I wanted was to win a contest!!!

Then the email came.
I won a grilled cheese sandwich!!! Hooray!!!

My Fab Prize: Manchego and Ricotta Grilled Cheese Sandwich
Minted Eggplant and Capers on Multigrain with
Green Salad and Pickled Golden Raisins

The outside crust of Manchego and Ricotta Grilled Cheese Sandwich
Crispy Manchego Crispified on my Multigrain? YES!!!

Inside the Manchego and Ricotta Grilled Cheese Sandwich
Melty Manchego and Creamy Ricotta with Eggplant and Capers. Mmm.

The Queens Kickshaw is a grilled cheese and coffee place in Astoria, Queens, NY. Apart from the variety of grilled cheese sandwiches and amazing coffee, they also serve sides of soup and salad and wonderful pastries from Balthazar. (Hooray, now we don’t have to schlep to Soho for these!)

Sticky Bun from Balthazar
with a view of the street
Crunchy on the outside, soft and nutty inside with a
chewy caramel coating!

This comes in a large espresso cup. In here, coffee is a work of art!
The flavors were too strong for me
so I poured it over ice. 
Blasphemous, I know but 
espresso is really not my thing... yet.

Gouda Grilled Cheese Sandwich 
Black bean Hummus, Guava Jam, Pickled Jalapenos on Brioche
with Green Salad and Jalapeno Vinaigrette

Generous guava jam and jalapeno inside the Gouda

Meeting Ben Sandler and Jennifer Lim was wonderful! Roxwriting and I had a wonderful time chatting with them. Being the carnivore that I am, not finding meat in the menu was an initial letdown. I was personally assured by Jennifer that I wont miss the meat after I have had their filling sandwich. After the sandwich and half a sticky bun, I totally agree.

This was a very cheesegasmic experience.

Ben and Jennifer, Thank You. It was a pleasure eating at your lovely spot. I will come back soon!

The Queens Kickshaw
40-17 Broadway
Astoria, NY
718 777 0913

The Manchego and Ricotta Sandwich was the prize I got from the Name That Food Contest hosted by Joe Di Stefano at Edible Queens. Everything else featured on this post was bought and paid for by yours truly and Roxwriting of Spam Is Better Fried.

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  1. This all looks so yummy! What a great prize!

  2. Now that is a grilled cheese sandwich that will knock your socks off! BTW, the macchiato shot is money! I can't wait to go back.