30 October 2009

The Don Friedman Quartet

as a huge thank you to don friedman for posing for cultchas, i went back to the kitano lounge to hand him a print of his photo, and take more photos because this time it was his quartet who was playing. i even asked him to sign a copy of his photo for my brother.

with my prime lens in tow and my extremely new "wide angle" lens i felt a little more confident. if you click the links, you can almost tell how much i have broken the bank - one day i will extremely break it. all of these photos except the posed group shot were taken without flash.

one of the oddest things i have learned in this shoot is - if your subject is tall, he will be very well lit!!!! case in point: tim armacost, the sax player.

subjects hiding in a corner, or is blocked by their musical instruments is no easy feat too - but im glad i have these good photos.

you should go see them if you are in the neighborhood. the rest of the photos are here.

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