17 October 2009

therapeutic, at some point

one of the things that is almost always in my purse is my point and shoot. i love how documenting things can make or break a moment - like how misery can turn into great fun (or eventually turn into great fun afterwards)

im no fan of photographing miserable things, but on some days - preserving the moment is psychologically beneficial.

case in point:

this was taken during a miserable cold and rainy day while waiting for the bus to take us back to NYC at the six flags great adventure bus stop. if the NJ transit didnt forget to follow their schedule, this photo wouldnt have been taken. (fyi, my fiancee was making fun of me because i had an umbrella in my purse as well. it proved useful, didnt it?)

it was so miserable, at that point but people managed to take photos of each other and poke fun at this "waterpark" adventure. sadly, i didnt have a photo of other people taking photos.

but yeah, it was miserable.

if it didnt save their sanity, it certainly saved mine. the other photos are here

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