22 October 2009

Jeanine and Rob's Wedding (and the horrors of mixed lighting)

my brother complained about the whole mixed lighting scenario at his goddaughter's christening. i never really thought how difficult and annoying it was until Jeanine and Rob's Wedding.

they had a luncheon reception and the sun was shining brightly outside and INSIDE, with that, the lights inside the ballroom did nothing to compensate the ball streaks of sunshine. and i mean big streaks! aaargh. but i really cant complain much, since the food was good. and it was fun times! (to make things clear, im not complaining about the wedding per se, but the lighting conditions to which i had to photograph in.)

another thing i learned - is to PACK MY STUFF THE NIGHT BEFORE AND HAVE ALL BATTERIES CHARGED. my off camera flash died three quarters into the reception and i had to depend on my on camera flash that refuses to fire in time. aaargh. and in general, as much as it has saved my life a couple of times, i dont really like my built in flash.

im glad my photos turned out fine. and for the record, jeanine and rob's cake is one of the best wedding cakes ive tasted. it was nice and moist inside.

pat loves it as much as i do!

The rest of the photos are here.

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