05 October 2009

Maggie and Dieter's Engagement Photos a.k.a. The Rottweiler Experience

I got the gig of photographing Maggie and Dieter by overhearing my classmate Carol ask our teacher Rich RE: wedding photographers. Since I have no experience whatsoever in taking photos like these, I had offered to take their engagement photos.

With an offer they cannot refuse, they hired me. they told me about the rottweilers that dieter had rescued from the streets in philadelphia and that they describe them as SWEETHEARTS.

there's nothing better than having very good looking, very photogenic and very nice people to pose in front of your camera. i swear they dont have bad angles and the camera just loves them. of course, there's a bit of cheating since i did find out this day that dieter has some experience modelling. (well, if you LOOK LIKE HARRISON FORD'S TWIN, you should be, right?)

Now back to the rottweilers. after all this is my rottweiler experience. Gypsy and Sebastian are the biggest attention seekers that i have met - and THEY ARE FORCEFUL. if you stroke one on your left side, rest assured, the other one will come to your right side and ask for your right hand. of course, i was still fearful while doing this, but they are actual sweethearts. at first, i couldnt understand how a huge animal could be.

but of course, i just mustered the courage to just have this very well acted photo!!!
of course, the nice little doggy can tell that it was all a lie. hahahaha
In this shoot, i have further realized that men never grow up.

That, is never a bad thing. The rest of the photos are here.
ps. i just shot their wedding. i should be posting them soon.

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