08 March 2011

Wacom Intuos 4 Stand Hack Prototype

I've had my Wacom Intuos 4 (medium, wired) for about a month now and all I get is weird shoulder pain and weird hand pain. So annoying that I actually learned how to use the touchpad on my laptop - I love the mouse. I have a wrist rest mouse pad because I have (undiagnosed) carpal tunnel syndrome.
I searched for a stand for it because MAYBE I'll be able to use it better if it was inclined. I couldn’t find one - and didn't want to spend the money on something that might prove to be useless to me, so I thought of using a FedEx Medium box and did this:

FedEx Medium Box
Tape (optional)

Im not too sure if this works for me, but it seems that my wrist will not be resting on the pad and hopefully eliminate shoulder pain. I will post a proper instructional once I feel that this works for me.

Note that the side of the box is secured by the glue that is on the FedEx box. That flap? I didn't cut it on purpose. I'm thinking that it could serve two purposes:

1. to stop the pen from rolling off the incline
2. to support my wrist.

Right now, the flap is flimsy, but hey, if it allows me to edit my photos more comfortably at no cost, why not?

How do you use your Wacom pen?

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  1. I remember this! You were playing with it at the photo exhibition. :D