16 March 2011

Happy St. Paddy's Day and Belated Happy Pi (pie) Day!

Although, I used to work by 5th avenue and have seen a lot of drunk St. Patrick's Day revelers at 10am, drinking beer contained in McDonald's Supersize cups - I have never celebrated the great New York City Drinking Holiday properly. 

They say Irish Food is bad food. Truth be told, it isn’t usually in the usual cuisine choices. It was really going to be a regular Tuesday night for us when I woke up to an email from Sara asking if we wanted to come to eat with her at the Irish Pub PJ Horgan’s. I know from my culture to never say no to a pregnant lady craving (haha) so I took my half-Irish husband to the quintet that we were.

We sampled the following dishes:

Appetizer Combo Platter

Chicken Pot Pie
Photo Courtesy of Roxwriting

Bangers and Mash

Shepherd’s Pie
Fish and Chips

And it won’t be an Irish meal if I don’t wash it down with a pint.

You see, i am dreaming about someone else's dinner because I ordered the fish and chips - and once the monstrous chicken pot pie came out in that glorious golden brown dome of dough, I was passionately jealous. Hmpf! I wanted to keep eating it but i was diagonally across from this wonderful dish that I had to eat what I am served. You know, tiger mother lessons never really left me, even if my real tiger mother lives halfway across the globe from from New York City.

So yeah. I still ache for that chicken pot pie. The shepherd's pie was good too. mmm. Thank you to Roxwriting and Sara Markel-Gonzalez for letting me taste a bit of Irish heaven. Follow Roxwriting follow the Chicken Pot Pie to Sunnyside.

I must say, we had a Happy Pi Day and St Paddy’s Day Celebration in one. 

Irish Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner? Sara's got the Scoop at Serious Eats!

4217 Queens Blvd
Sunnyside, NY 11104
(718) 361-9680

Photos taken with Canon Powershot A3100IS, Macro Setting at 1600ISO, No Flash. Minimal Color Correction using Lightroom. Sadly, after the appetizer photo was taken, they turned down the lights.


  1. I looooove any Irish kitchen. Everything just tastes so right from one. PJ Hogans is famous for the burger, but last time I went, I had that pot pie. It WAS really good. I swear I could have eaten 2 of them.

    Cuckoo's Nest is probably my all-time favorite. But really, I love them all.

  2. Cuckoo's nest is pretty good! yeah, they have that 5 buck burger in an english muffin. mmm.

    I usually dont crave Irish pub fare, but i might just start craving some chicken pot pie. Mmm.