09 March 2011

Tenpenny at The Gotham Hotel Tasting Menu

I love food. I love GOOD FOOD. At the newly opened restaurant of The Gotham HotelTenpenny, I tried their tasting menu.  

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Everything I had was great, very well excecuted and nothing schmanzy or way too out there. Truth be told - it is not trying to impress, but it does impress well.

Rachel Antonio waxes lyrical about the whole experience on her blog.

Thank you, Chris Cipollone. Thank you, to all the wonderful staff at Tenpenny. I will save my (not too pretty) pennies and come back soon.

6 Course Tasting Menu $68
10 Course Tasting Menu $110 (because they HAD to)

16 East 56th St
New York NY

All photos are taken with Canon Powershot A3100IS with minimal adjustments on Lightroom.(I wish i brought the DSLR with me. :S)

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