11 March 2011

Photo Engagement Ring

This morning, my boss hands me this ring and tells me –

Take a nice photo of this ring, print it out because the guy is going to propose but without the actual ring. He does not want to bring the ring with him because they might lose it (maybe they are going camping?)

Try to put something, like “I love you” on the print out. You know what I am talking about.

Design Dilemma: How to pull this off without being cheesy.
Future Bride Dilemma: How do I say yes to a photo of an engagement ring?

So as I edited the gorgeous ring, I thought of making an exact paper replica of the ring – because I know how it feels like to be proposed to. And who wouldn't want to wear their ring?! (even if it is paper)

I printed out my ring this way. 
I know it is a little wonky but my boss was telling me to not spend too much time on this thing as I have other administrative stuff to do (I am an admin assistant for a jeweler and I also do their product photography. Yes, I am awesome!) All the wonkiness get cut off after cutting it anyway.

Here’s the real ring and the paper ring (after it is cut) side by side:

See how awesome it looks on my hand!

I printed the ring actual size because I wanted to the future bride realistic expectations of her ring. I removed the scotch tape and put some glue runner on to the back. Now he can tape over his paper engagement ring in style! Im sure this will look good in photos! I wish them all the happiness for the rest of their lives together and the patience in planning a wedding.

Ring available at:
264 Main Street
Huntington NY 11743

All photos were taken using Canon SD1200IS, Edited in Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom (but only to have a white background and a bit of color calibration) and printed using Adobe Indesign.


  1. suave chong! maybe photo paper will capture the sparkle -- my hubs brought the proposal ring to the beach... then again, it wasnt THIS big :P

  2. well i "wasnt" allowed to spend a lot of time with it. i used presentation paper here, it looks better in person but i agree, i can make this better. If only i wasnt in a place that had little to no art supplies...

    and thanks!

    im still wondering if the guy will use my masterpiece!

  3. That’s very beautiful. Even I am going to get married soon at one of the wedding venues Los Angeles. Most of the preparations are done by party planner and we both are paying close attention to the details. The rings are not bought yet. Will surely look for something like this for our day.