22 April 2011

Excellent Customer Service is King - Even In a Wired World

Except for pizza, I don’t order my delivery meals online. Sure, I have the occasional Chinese food delivery - but I usually hate paying delivery fees and tipping unless I am sitting and eating in a restaurant.

Some days, you really just don’t want to get out of your pajamas.

And you don't have cash in your wallet.

Thinking about Indian food, I went to Allmenus.com and found that a Indian Taj is there so I clicked. I am also quite impressed that their service will also let me order from a far restaurant as long as I made the minimum amount. 

About 5 minutes after I placed my order, I was called by a representative because the price of my Chicken Makhani has increased… 60 CENTS!!! And that they would be charging me 60 cents extra.

Whoa. Talk about excellent customer service! I have never felt SPECIAL after that phone call.

A couple of minutes after that phone call my food came. YAY!

You might recall that I have posted an instructional about making Papri Chat at Indian Taj. The buffet is good and impressive and I got nothing less from their delivery service.

Here's what I ordered from their delivery menu:

My food right out of the delivery bag
L-R from Top: Naan, Chicken Makhani, Tamarind Sauce, Yogurt,
Salad with Chili and Lemon (as condiment) and Vegetable Samosas.

Vegetable Samosa with Tamarind Sauce

Chicken Makhani with Naan

Disclaimers and whatnots: I found out about Allmenus.Com because I got invited to a Food Blogger Meet and Greet that they hosted. I had no intentions of blogging about them because Im really NOT into food delivery – However, I felt that I must spread the word at how AMAZING their customer service is. 

I also just discovered that you can pre-order your food in advance and have it delivered at a later time. Imagine, placing your order in the middle of the night for late lunch and you will be woken up by buzzing of the food delivery guy. It is almost better than breakfast in bed!

I like that they also have restaurants that serve Huntington, NY. Try it, they might have restaurants that serve your area!

Indian Taj
3725 74th Street
Jackson Heights, NY

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  1. I really like the food photography against the neutral background!