10 April 2011

Stream of Consciousness Sunday

Drawing, Cleaning and Laundry. These are the three things that I have to accomplish today. I also want to go to Target and get a Kinect, but im too lazy to get out of my pajamas.

at least i had 2 half donuts. one half passion fruit with cocoa nibs, and one half dulcedeleche with almonds. oh wait why did i just correct that? i forgot that the rule of this thing is no editing - including wrong spellings. must channel my energies into writing errr.. typing correctly straight or stop myself from hitting the back button and correcting my spelling.

why is it so hard to motivate yself to do household chores? i hate cleaning. my house is a mess of clutter and half um two thirds of the house is full of my art supplies and the other half is my husband's stuff. im so glad he does not have an issue when the house is not spotless otherwise i will just tell him to clean it himself.hahaha

so on to the other tasks. laundry. ugh i hate laundry! i have to dtag all my irty clothes out of the house and take them to the laundromat. when its all folded and done i dont want to do anything else. why cant my life be back to the endless couch potatoeing? hah?

time's up.



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  1. I often think I'm the laziest person on the planet but I had to laugh out loud that you were feeling too lazy to go buy the Kinect. Maybe you should just save your money.

    And those donuts? I'm lucky if I can get something around here as exotic as a lemon-filled donut.

    As for cleaning... I loathe it. But we finally have our house ready to put on the market. I've cleared the clutter and now I'm in maintenance mode. Feel so good. But I hate laundry too. It's why my husband does it. I hate it, he doesn't. Instead I vacuum and it makes for a much happier marriage.

  2. to go out and buy the kinect involves getting out of my pajamas, changing clothes, putting a coat on and taking the subway. LOL.

    i make my husband do his own laundry. (he drops it off and another asian lady does it for him lol) we dont have a washer and dryer in the house. its around the corner. bleh.

    vaccuuming? i thought if i got a pretty purple vaccuum i would use it more often. Turns out, im wrong. LOL

  3. I have a very important question....can I stop by and have the other halves of your doughnuts? Because they sound amazing!! What fancy, yummy flavors.

    Laundry is the worst! I'm very lucky that my husband takes the laundry to the laundromat and does it for me...but I still have to put it away when he brings it home, and some days that just seems like SUCH a chore!

  4. Tracie, YES!!! I am in NYC. :)

    They are quite fancy, but they are not fancy in price (2.00 each). I have to taste the other ones so i can post my donut photos of the place where i got this from.

    However tracie, you live in the land of Publix Fried Chicken. That's right. I love Publix Fried Chicken!!!! And I never leave Florida without a generous box of it. hehehe.

  5. Wait, My thoughts got derailed. (mmm. fried chicken)

    yeah, i hear you. that is why my husband drops HIS CLOTHES off. it comes back to him folded.

  6. Is it wrong that I wanted to lick your donut from my screen? It looks so good!!

    Laundry seems never ending too.


  7. do what I do and get a housekeeper! hehe Also, love the shots of the donuts! I may have to go back to the hood to get me some more of those passion fruit ones

  8. Elyse, its not wrong. just have some windex handy!!! LOL

  9. Natasha - i would rather buy donuts for the wages of the housekeeper. FOR NOW.

    trust me, that is in my list of "ambitions"

  10. LOVE this post! I don't mind putting the laundry in the washer. I don't even mind putting in the dryer. It's the folding part that gets me!

  11. I guess it was a lazy day for all. I slept all day but managed to write 2 Yelp reviews and go to the grocery store. I want to eat those doughnuts. God I love NY.

  12. Mama brandi, thanks! the folding part gets me too. gaaah!

    Rox, oh no. i cleaned. i made adobo. i bought a kinect because i saw a video on how good it is. hahaha. i can now justify my donuts!

  13. Hi, visiting from SOCSunday! Congrats on your first! I'm on my 3rd and really enjoying it. I read your post, and liked it very much, but all I can think is, "Mmmmm, Donuts!" in a Homer Simpson voice.

  14. Jocy, yes im shakin it! thanks to you i *invested* in it - and man, that makes you SWEAT!

  15. More Doughnut photos!