24 April 2011

Stream of Consciousness Sunday: Bring Your Own Birthday Candle

AH, yesterday was my birthday.

My second birthday cake for the day. (yes. SECOND.)

Although it is a tad bit funny that I had to celebrate my birthday at a wedding of family twice removed (wait, its more like I don’t really know them becaue this is my husband;s side. I just never met them, that’s all.)

My mother and father in law had flown in for the wedding but of course since we live here and my sister in law lives here, its double the fun. However my husband is in this perpetual odd schedule so my husband wasn’t in the wedding. I had fun nonetheless.
As it is as an odd suggestion by my friend, I brought a small birthday candle and when they brought out the molten chocolate cake, I stuck the candle in and blew it. You know, all *this* (the wedding) for my birthday.

Steve and the Girls

Also it was great that while my husband wasn’t there, I still had a load of fun dancing with my entire family. Ah yes. We are the loud crazy lot.

As Gabi, my Sister-in-law’s girlfriend (other sister-in-law?) about bringing my own birthday candle to the wedding  said, “Stella, you are crazy. And I love it.”

See? i had a *grand* birthday!


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  1. Thanks Cindy! That's A LOT of potato chips on your profile photo! i want!

  2. Love it! I was in my friend's wedding on my birthday one year- they had the DJ play a special song for me, it was really sweet! Plus, the way I see it, I got a fancy dinner, dancing all night, and got to drink for free on my birthday! What more can you ask for?

  3. MHP, I agree! the food was amazing at that wedding!

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Sorry I missed it. But man, what a great way to spend it. You could pretend the whole party was just for you!!!

  5. Fadra, Ive been pretending it was going to be my party since i got the invite! LOL