05 April 2011

Dressing Room Hooks

Dear Graphic/Interior Designer of Marshalls in Flushing,

You have done my dressing room experience well with these labeled hooks. They have made me arrange the dresses properly on hangers before giving them back to the attendant (which I usually don’t bother to deal with). It had easily made my selection of clothes quite faster and none of the dresses fell to the floor because I had more than enough hanging space, thanks to the grid that you have placed on the wall. While this dressing room may not be at par with the ones in better department stores in terms of looks and feel, I feel that yours is the most functional one that I have ever gone in.

Thank you!!!

Love, Stella

PS. Enclosed are the photos of your design genius.
PPS. I hope you do this to all your existing stores too!

Sky View Center
40-24 College Point Blvd
Flushing, NY 11354
Phone: 718-463-2537


  1. I like the hooks! but I like the dresses more!! i hope you kept them all!

  2. Hooks are nice, but I hate the lighting in the "new" dressing rooms at my local Marshalls. Blinding and harsh!!

  3. well, in this fitting room, there were two fluorescent lights on each side of the mirror - though i must say, i liked it because
    a. it tells me how sheer the dresses are, and b. harsh lighting tells you the truth.

    if it doesnt look good, it doesnt. i hate walking out of beautifully lit stores only to find out that what i bought doesn't look good under normal lighting conditions.

  4. I was looking for one of those metal wall hangers to hang up clothes? Do you know where I could find one of those?