18 April 2011

Dough: The Place for Holey Heavenly Doughnuts

The entire doughnut display. Not to worry, fresh ones on the way!
 See? Fresh lemon poppy seed coming in... mmm.

I finally made it to Dough after reading about it and watching a video about it. The location is not too accessible for me via public transport so I ended up getting one doughnut to have there….

Hibiscus Glaze with Dried Hibiscus Floweers Glazed Doughnut

And Four to *take home to my husband*….

L-R from top: Blood Orange with Candied Citrus,
Passion Fruit with Cocoa Nibs, Dulce De Leche with Sliced Almonds
and Lemon Poppy Seed Glazed Doughnuts

Well, it isn’t really an excuse. I am my husband’s self-proclaimed *research assistant*. He’s a pastry chef, so I can throw that excuse around.*evil grin*


Dough’s doughnuts are nothing short of heavenly. Imagine jumping up and down in a fluffy feathery mattress with feathers flying all over the place. That is what your mouth will feel when you bite into Dough’s doughnuts. They are airy, light and exceptionally springy but not chewy. Their glazes are a bit unconventional but they are very welcomed. Hibiscus? I have only had this flavor from an Egyptian restaurant as a drink but its so good on doughnuts.

A glass partition between me and the kitchen
(No, that's not Fanny Gershon)

Fany Gerson’s claims of getting a fresh doughnut? It is true. Those holey babies come to you warm and fluffy. The glaze provides the right amount of flavor, sweetness and balance.

My friends insist that I ate all of them in one sitting, it is quite a feat to do so. While they are light and airy to the bite, they sit pretty well in your tummy.

Besides texture and flavor, Dough’s doughnuts can withstand the test of time. 12 hours after I bought them they were good. 24 hours after? STILL GOOD! And they don’t need refrigeration. Just keep It in the bag/box and put it inside a plastic bag.

At 2 bucks each, I wish I could have them as often as I want. Mmm. Doughnuts!
I *NEED* to come back because I want to try a chocolate glazed one.

305 Franklin Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11205

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