17 April 2011

Stream of Consciousness Sunday: No Hot Water

What? No hot water? Im not doing dishes. YAY!

Well hello #socsunday!

AS my coffee perculates, im still at awe at why we still don’t have hot running water since yesterday. Bleh. I know I hate taking showers as I hate the afterprocss of drying my hair and getting dressed but I do it everyday and I cant do it with this cold water. Uhm freezing cold water. I hate doing dishes too, so it is a good excuse to not do them... YET.

Then I thought of hopping off to my friend’s house to borrow her shower but I realized she’s out of town more bleh. But whatever. I spoke to our crazy landlady and she said they are fixing it right now.

On to bigger things. Thanks to twitter (which I finally understood what its for) I have made so many profiles/resumes online via ceevee.com and snappages.com and im on the lookout for a new job.  Let us see how it turns out. In case you have anything for me, im also on LinkedIn.

I have so many things to do (like clean the house again – but no laundry) and finish my wedding album. Yes, im almost married a year now and I am still not done.
Oh time’s up.



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  1. Such a different life. So glad not to be in an apartment (it's been a loooong time) and glad not to have to wash dishes. And yet there is a simplicity about apartment living I miss. But not more than hot showers.

  2. No hot water? Yikes! I guess at least you can drink coffee to get you awake since you can't take a shower...although a cold water would definitely wake you up!

  3. Fadra, Hahaha! Actually, after hearing my boss rant about the stuff she has to maintain and pay for with owning your own house, I dont think it is for me. I cant deal with gardening, mowing lawns and shoveling snow. not to mention exterminators and what not. I like complaining to the landlady and something gets done. sometimes. otherwise, i'll DIY it like my bathroom regrout. hah!

    Melissa - the coffeemaker boils the water hahaha. Right now the temperature here in NYC is just soo cold that i cant deal with the coldness of the water.

    There is a solution though - i could have boiled water on the stove and mixed it with some cold water in a bucket. A totally Filipino way of taking *showers* where you manually pour water over your head. I am not opposed to this but the water is too cold that i have to boil 3 pasta pots of water to make the water warmer. bleh. My shower and dishes can wait. Im too lazy and im not going anywhere.

    also the hot water is back. yay! and i dont have to shell out $2000 for the new boiler!

  4. I am guessing there are only two of you living in the house. We'd have that many dishes in the sink after a "quick snack." My men-folk are messy.

    Good luck on your job hunt!

  5. Thanks Heather!

    Actually, all those dishes are mine! lol. but yeah, there's only two of us and we usually eat out (due to laziness).