02 May 2011

Bobby’s Burger Palace: A Place for Birthday Burgers

I have been dreaming about this food outing since my friend Leeann told me about this gem of a celebrity chef eatery. The schedule stars finally aligned so off we went to celebrate our annual agesake season.*

Bobby's Burger Palace Monmouth Mall Eatontown, NJ

Bobby’s Burger Palace is part of Bobby Flay’s empire of restaurants. I think among all of his restaurants, Bobby’s Burger Palace qualifies as a chain. To date, it has 5 branches scattered all over the Tri-State and Pennsylvania.

Upon entering, this burger ordering process will greet you. I am a bit uncomfortable about this because I feel that it assumes that customers do not know how to fall in line and order a burger. It looks good, but it feels quite condescending to me.

Once inside, you will notice that the tables are long and are meant to be shared with other people. In every couple of chairs, a set of condiments and a box of napkins can be found. I find the Jalapeno Hot Sauce to be very excellent, indeed!

Burger Sauce, Jalapeno Hot Sauce, Chipotle Catsup (not shown: Catsup and Mustard)

Say hello to my Miami Burger, Crunchified. A Crunchified burger has a stack of potato chips in it. Bobby Flay highly recommends it and I agree!

Miami Burger: Pressed with Ham / Swiss Cheese / Pickles /
Mustard / Mayonnaise (with potato chips added)
Meet Leeann's Santa Fe Burger with its own crunchification system.

Santa Fe Burger: Queso Sauce / Pickled Jalapenos/ Blue Corn Chips

We also got some of these to make the meal *perfect*.

Onion rings. Catsup art by Leeann

French Fries with an Amazing Dipping Sauce

Left to right: Blueberry Pomegranate, Strawberry Milkshakes

Bobby's Burger Palace is that half-fast food, half-restaurant experience where you order at the counter like a fast food place, and wait for your food to be served at your spot in the restaurant. While we were at the "fast food" part of our experience, I noticed a little card on the counter that illustrated the doneness of burgers. After I placed our orders, I specifically mentioned medium rare. Leeann said the same. The cashier explained that medium rare burgers will be reddish pink in the center.

Miami Burger Cross Section

While it still mystifies me at how I needed more explaining of my preference of burger doneness; this simple act possibly concludes why they needed a BBP Ordering Process Board.

Bobby's Burger Palace is certainly worth a visit if there is a location close by. The burgers are fantastic, and for a burger that tastes like this at less than $10 a pop. Be warned, the sides and the shakes add up so be prepared to spend about $15/person.

*Agesake Season - The 10 days of the year when Leeann and I have the same age. This allows us to officially extend our birthdays. Tomorrow is April 33, the official end of Agesake Season. Happy Birthday Leeann!

****I like to order my burger one step less than what i really want. I generally prefer to eat Medium burgers, but if i order it medium, by the time it gets to me - it gets too cooked. So I order medium rare, and when it gets to me - it is PERFECT!

188 Route 35 South
Eatontown, NJ 07724


  1. looks yummy!

    must be worth all of the pollen.

  2. Nope. NOTHING is worth the pollen. LOL. (it was raining when i went. the next day was the pollen day, i got sick for a week after that.)

  3. i like how your post is an analysis of the set up. i want potato chips in my sandwich! yum. wow 5 locations? why not NYC?!

  4. Because he does not want to compete with himself in NYC? LOL