08 May 2011

Stream of Consciousness Sunday: That Martha Stewart Feeling

I am still amazed at how I got asked to post my spaghetti recipe on twitter. While I was cooking it, I felt like an idiot because I did what strangers asked met o do. Yeah. It is still strange.

Enjoying the fruits of my labor. #familyhit #filipinospaghett... on Twitpic

Imagine pausing every single step of the cooking process to document it and hoping that the camera does not fall in the sauce, boiling pasta pot or end up with a crumb of food on it (of course it did).

@stellaaa You'll like this picture even better. Real tim... on Twitpic

While blog comments are a nice validation that people actually read my blog (some of the comments appear on facebook threads) I have never felt more validated than having my Filipino Spaghetti Recipe Using American Ingredients  be (possibly) done the way exactly how it is.

Fadra, even if you are the only one who made it – thank you. You surely made me know how Martha Stewart feels whenever people cook their recipes at home. To Fadra’s culinary fans (hubby and son) I am glad you enjoyed it.

Neil, from Grimsby, UK also made it.

Here is my attempt @stellaaa recipe and I got to say me and t... on Twitpic

This is still by far, my most favorite Blogging+Twitter story.

Happy Mother's Day to My Madder and to all moms out there. Yes it is a double entendre, but if you prounounce a hard sounding D and sound out the letter R, you'd be saying "mother" with a tagalog accent.

*** All photos have been taken by Fadra and Neil, and are taken from their Twitpic account. All rights reserved. All photos link back to Twitpic.com. Used with permission.

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  1. I can't see the photos so maybe check your links :(

    But I'm determined to make it for my extended family this week! Also, I've never posted a recipe but I have done the photograph-as-I-cook technique and I have to tell you, I could never become a food blogger. Too much work.

    And P.S. I have several Martha Stewart cookbooks and it's very clear that she does not kitchen test her recipes. You have a leg up on her!

  2. lesson learned: If you dont do what twitpic tells you to do, your photo will be gone.

    I did some form of miracle (not a very good one) because i was trying to post your photos in a larger size.

    oh well.

    Im so glad i have a leg up on Martha Stewart!!!!


  3. see....now I have to try it. We eat so MUCH spaghetti at this house. I love the SOC take on it though - the interwebs is such a crazy place.

  4. lol. it is!!! can you send me a photo of it made???


  5. Really? Hot dogs? That just seems crazy to me! How cool that you got asked to document it!

  6. It is crazy! It isn't the NORMAL American or Italian way of making it.

    Well, they didn't ask me to document it - They asked for the recipe. I documented the whole process because I feel that it would be easier to understand or hopefully taste through photos as it is quite different from the familiar.

    Fadra's hubby and My hubby didn't think it was a good idea either - but i guess they have now changed their minds. YAY!

  7. I am inspired to make your spaghetti!!!! those pictures look good enough to eat!