29 May 2011

Stream of Consciousness Sunday: Today in Photos

Today's SOCSunday is quite a treat because I will do it in PHOTOS and MAPS! I spent a great Two-fer with Roxwriting that really started out as a twEAT-up invite from @Action_JoJo.

We met new friends for a twEAT-up at Queens Kickshaw

The twEATers
@Stellaaa, @Roxwriting,@Action_jojo and @mojoshowbiz

This was how my profile looked on @mojoshowbiz'
twitter app before we became twitter friends.

Kathryn, another friend had dropped by at The Queens Kickshaw
and introduced his friend Aaron to us.
The Best.'Stache.Everrr!

Roxwriting and I met at the corner of
65th Street and 34th Ave (point A).
Then we walked, (the blue line) and ate at Queens Kickshaw (point B)
then took the bus (fuschia line)
to get to the Noguchi Museum (point C).

With a free family pass from our friend Rich,
we went to the Noguchi Museum

We didnt touch them, promise...

But we needed to pose photos for personal documentation

and I just had to impersonate a Leonardo da Vinci drawing

It was hot out, so we went to Costco for a Frozen Smoothie for $1.50

From Point C, Walked on the Roosevelt Island Bridge
to get to Roosevelt Island.
The Spot where the pink heart is where Dave and I got married.

And did more hiking
but not in those shoes shown in the logo.

From Long Island City, we followed Noguchi's footsteps and
walked the Roosevelt Island Bridge to get to Roosevelt Island...

We walked down this path

Watched this view while walking the bridge
and walked until we got to our next form of transportation...

We walked some more to get to
the start of the Pink line to get on the...

Photo Credits: David McGlynn, Taken from The New York Post
The Roosevelt Island Lighthouse Tram!!!

The view from the tram looks like this...

How it looks inside and what people do in it.

We ended up at Sprinkles Cupcakes (point B on this map)
after walking from the Tram's end.
The pink line represents the tram ride.

After getting off at Manhattan,
we went inside just like this lady did

Got up to this counter and ordered

A Salted Caramel Cupcake!
Roxwriting and I Shared. Dessert First is how we roll.

From Sprinkles (point A on this map) we took the subway
to Nom Wah Tea Parlor (point B).
The Green line represents the streets that passed by earlier.
That was a LOT of travelling!

Then we went to Chinatown for Dinner.
Dimsum Dinner at Nom Wah Tea Parlor

Thank you for taking the trip with us! This what we call a two-fer. It really is short for a Two-for-One outing, that usually becomes a three-fer. We take the time to enjoy museums, special exhibitions and other events if it is free or we get free passes. Once we set ourselves on an event, we just draw up a restaurant from our restaurant wish list.

Usually it is on the free or cheap side because we would rather spend our money on food and our rent. I think the total amount we spend for this day was about $35 each. That's LUNCH, DINNER and SNACKS (we snacked twice).

The Noguchi Museum Admission is $10 for adults, but we got a free pass from our friend Rich. YAY! Thanks Rich!

We live in NYC but we don't have the Sex and the City lifestyle. Yes, they brunch every weekend, but it is only Miranda that really eats in that show. Let us just say that we are both Miranda. Oh, and some weekends, we are just too lazy to get out of bed.

**Because this should be a 5 min stream of consciousness excercise, please imagine that I was telling everything in 5minutes. Thanks!

For More Info:
The Queens Kickshaw
Noguchi Museum
Roosevelt Island
Sprinkles Cupcakes
Nom Wah Tea Parlor


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  1. So much traveling for food! Just admit it, the museum was a detour! lol

  2. I love your Sunday Two-fer adventure! The agenda was so perfect. Not many people can assembly these chains of attractions.(And a great idea to got to Costco food court)

  3. Outdoor NYer, lmao. the noguchi museum was part of the outing because we cant waste free passes! but the others after the noguchi were all detours. the museum attendant told us about the 39th street bridge to roosevelt island.

    Rich W, YES! it is! thanks again!!!

  4. brilliant! i wish i lived in the same city. the west coast is not as interesting on foot :P (unless you stay put around the beach)

  5. Power Eating! I like to read your old posts to remind me I can survive a day like this. Whew~!