22 May 2011

Stream of Consciousness Sunday: Cleaning Lady

Ahhh. Cleaning. I hate cleaning.

You see, I am not a good housekeeper. I like to keep things as it is. Blech.
While I can keep wishing that I had one, somehow getting the job done myself gives me a bit of accomplishment and of control. You know I really hate it and it is not often that you see the bedroom floor looking like this.

In fact, it only looks like this because I did this.

I should have just shoved everything under the rug, but you know, I cant. BAAAAH!
Why I put how messy my house gets still mystifies me but I think what I offer is this: YOUR HOUSE IS NOT AS MESSY AS YOU THINK IT IS. And I don’t even have kids to contribute to the mess. Right now, that’s all me – because I choose to do all the mess in the bedroom and half of the living room(other half is purely my husband’s domain – and while he will disapprove of me posting our present state of residence – im still not showing his side. Its just fair, right?!)

Im already annoyed at this. I still have to vacuum, clean and mop the kitchen and hopefully get the beddings washed. It is mighty ambitious, but you know what they say – you gotta reach for the stars.



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  1. Cleaning for me has become especially tough since becoming a mom. I do my best, but sometimes things get missed. This fact used to bother me, but now, I've come to accept it and be OK with it. I just do what I can when I can and don't stress about what I can not do.

  2. Jessica, i take your advice to heart. Im only cleaning because i couldnt take it anymore. LOL

  3. I LOVE YOUR HONESTY. I know this type of environment oh-so-well. My downfall is the bedroom. Shoes, clothes, bags, stuff. However, now that the house is for sale, I'm afraid to do anything because I suck at picking up after myself!! Maybe I'm developing better habits. Maybe...

  4. Thanks!! I suck at picking up after myself - i kinda think that having a messy place is such an amazing thing (blame that on american tv who always shows the messiest rooms back in the 80s)

    I want to be able to pick up like an OCD, however, that stresses me out. sigh.

  5. Stella, don't come to my house b/c you'll think I'm ill. I think my house is a mess but you could eat off my floors. I clean my baseboards monthly. But I can see dust and dirt everywhere. Then again, I've been a clean/neat freak for as long as I remember. Most likely it's because I lived with my grandparents and my grandfather retired from the military but the military never retired from him.

    Fortunately it's just a Type-A problem and not full-on OCD.

    Saving For Someday