15 May 2011

Stream of Consciousness Sundays: Dollar Slice Pizza With Strangers

I popped my dollar slice of pizza cherry yesterday. I was coming from class and I needed some nourishment before going to the MoMA so I stopped for a slice. Nothing on 6th ave was interesting and since it was probably the 5th slice place I saw, the offer was too good to pass up.

The place had three tables nd all were taken, but they were all dinign alone. In true NY Fashion I asked to share the table, the young guy on his lunch break did.

As I sat down, I asked him how the slice was. He said it was the best dollar slice he has ever eaten. I was impressed and we went on talking about food. He asked me what I did and I said I am a photographer with a day job and I told him I take a lot of food photos. He asked me what the weirdest thing I have eaten was and I said “I don’t know, weird to you might be good to me.”

 Then I said I love liver.

He gave me an eew face.

Turns out this guy rolls with celebrities! Well, he drives a luxury bus for hire (kinda like a celebrity trailer, but you know, in bus form) and he’s met tons of them. Beyonce, snoop dogg, nick cannon – he showed me his phone photos and well, it really is one of those New York stories from strangers. 

We exchanged cards, walk a couple of blocks uptown and separated somewhere by Bryant park. He showed me his bus and we parted ways.

Thank you for sharing your table with me, Juan. 

Juan's business card, taken at my house.
I forgot my camera AND phone at home that day.



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  1. Did it annoy you that he was celebrity name-dropping like he was friends with them? I think it would have annoyed me. On a funny note: I had to read your first sentence three times before I figured out that you didn't have a piece of cherry pizza. WHo hasn't had their coffee yet? Oh yeah, me.

  2. You should have seen that photo with snoop. he was smoking a VERY FAT joint with him. I do love the fact that he made all of these celebs sound so human.

    Cherry pizza is good. I have had it. (i think it was dried bing cherries on it. it sounds weird in theory - but amazing in reality.) LOL

  3. I love this! What a fun, random interaction that you'll never forget. Yay for $1 pizza slices. ;-)

  4. That is one of the reasons I love NY. You can be alone and encounter a stranger and have it be a cool meeting and a story to tell!

  5. $1 pizza? In NYC? No kidding! Where? I am headed home in a few weeks and may have to find that place. :) But I love the interaction of randomly sharing a table with someone that way. Only in NYC, I believe that's possible. AT least at a pizza place. The ones elsewhere are never quite that crowded! ;)

  6. O that's awesome!

    You never know who you're going to meet, especially sitting down to eat a slice of pizza for a buck with a total stranger!

  7. Andrea,

    the dollar slice is close to the south side of bryant park, on 6th ave. I forget the name. I do know how to get there. LOL.

    while that dollar slice sounds economically sound, you should go to paulie gee's pizza in brooklyn - i swear by it.

  8. I love, love, love random stranger encounters that leave an impression. I've had more than I can count and even wrote about one recently that happened 9 years ago. It left that big of an impression!

    When I was in college, they did a sociology experiment where students would ask to share a table with you even if other tables were open. It's amazing how uncomfortable we can be when sharing our space!

  9. It sounds like you ended up eating lunch with a nice guy!

  10. That is neat! Love stories like this. Anyway, coming by here via Fadra. I'm also Filipina and so glad to find you! Kumusta? Follow kita para nasa radar kita lagi. Ingat!

  11. Thanks everyone!

    I have loads of stories like this. I love talking to strangers!